28 November 1976

Hugh Banton
Guy Evans
Peter Hammill
David Jackson

CD1 (46:21)
1 When She Comes
2 A Place To Survive
3 Lemmings
4 Still Life

CD2 (56:53)
1 Meurglys III, The Songwriter's Guild
2 The Sleepwalkers
3 Childlike Faith In Childhood's End

some notes:

PH was a bit angry about the photographers in front of the stage.
In Still Life, he changed the lyrics to:
"....breathing, eating, photographing, defecating......which no
longer has any meaning."
and before "Meurglys III", PH warned the photographers not to use
flashlights: "....I must advise everybody who comes near the stage
with a photograph and a flashlight, that the photograph and the
flashlight will be together in one piece......"

transfered from original mastertape!
(same source as the 4 GB-concerts I seeded some time ago)
cassette recording with a sony recorder and stero microphone
cassette -> cd (with Philips Audio CD recorder) -> Flac

quality: A--/B++


nadir_53 (upload Nr. 160)

At this pont, I'd like to thank to glasnostrd19 and jamiel for their
fantastic upgrades of my earlier uploads.

remaster notes:
this was posted by nadir53 on Feb. 9, 2009 at torrent #235617. he said
I was welcome to share this remaster of it, so I shall.
I have balanced the levels out, mostly in the disc 2 tracks, and
spliced in applause sections where there were tape flips between
songs, to make this a continuous, smooth (and seamless) recording.
the disc one was pretty even before, but the levels in
disc 2 were very different, so now they are all proportionate
throughout the show. I also reduced or removed several loud
knocks of the mikes, mostly between songs and especially
just before Murglys III started. It can be burned to disc as before,
or kept as 1 seamless recording. This was a nice recording before,
thankfully not clipped or distorted so the result is of a quality
I feel good about sharing for this time. apparently nadir53 felt
good about the results of the remasters I did of 2 of the 75 U.K.
shows made by this source and he may like this even better because
this may have come out better than the previous 2 did. thanks to
both nadir53 and the taper of this show for making this possible.
and of course thanks to Peter Hammill and the VDGG who can
express reality more "Graaf-ically' than anyone else I know.
the info and poster included in nadir53's post is also included here.
the result of my remastering is like this:

CD1 (46:48)
1: when she comes 9:56
2: a place to survive 9:50
3: lemmings 15:52
4: still life 11:09

CD2 (57:02)
5: Murglys III, the songwriter's guild 26:27
6: the sleepwalkers 14:40
7: childlike faith in childhood's end 15:54

just as nadir53 asks, so do I...
do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.