Van der Graaf Generator
5 October 1977

Source: Audience recording
Lineage: unknown > CDr > wav > flac

This version (2012): Renamed and tagged files, created new ffp and md5

Crying Wolf
Lizard Play
Chemical World
Still Life
Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever (Running)
The Sphinx In The Face
A Plague Of Sleepwalkers
Pioneers Over C
Last Frame

the_comet's comments:

Sound quality: Good. The first songs are only in listenable-good recording quality.

"Crying Wolf" is and remains a good starter! "Lizard Play" with great violining and rhythm section! "Chemical World" is dynamic as ever; the climax at the end is stunning! "Still Life" is aggressive! "Cat's Eye" fast and energetic! "A Plague Of Sleepwalkers" is as good as ever! "Pioneers Over C" is phantastic! "Last Frame" too! I guess this is a typical Amsterdam gig - a good one!