Van der Graaf Generator
Manchester, UK
5 November 1977

Source: Audience recording
Lineage: unknown > CDr > wav > flac > Audacity (speed correction) > Flac
This version (2012): Fixed SBEs; renamed and tagged files, created new ffp and md5

CD 1
Crying Wolf
Lizard Play
Chemical World
The Habit Of The Broken Heart
Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever (Running)
The Sphinx In The Face

CD 2
A Plague Of Sleepwalkers
Pioneers Over C
Last Frame
Still Life

the_comet's comments:

Sound quality: listenable-good

"Crying Wolf" is an audience request and (surprise surprise) the opener of that gig :-); and a good one! GE on "Lizard Play" is superb as you might expect! "Chemical World" and "Habit" are good! "Cat's Eye" is great too. Some scrambled tape ePHPHects on "Sphinx" :-(
"Plague/Sleepwalkers" opens CD 2. There is a cut in the middle of the song :-( "Pioneers" is good, "Last Frame" great and "Still Life" real fine!

Speed correction notes:
I figured I would write a few words about the speed correction work I did on this recording for those who are interested.

First of all let me state that I am not a "remasterer" of recordings and I am not a "professional" by any standards. The only reason that I attempted the speed correction on this recording is that it was a drag to listen to before I did the work. This is the first recording that I have attempted any speed correction work on.

When I first listened to this show I found that all of the tracks with the exception of "Pioneers", "Last Frame", and "Still Life" ran about 5% to 6% faster than normal. ("Pioneers", "Last Frame", and "Still Life" ran about 1% to 2% faster than normal.) Although the sped up tracks only ran about 5% to 6% faster than normal at the most it was obvious that they were sped up and they just sounded "wrong" to my ears.

I used recordings of the official live album "Vital" and the 11/3/77 - Hull University gig taped two days before this show as references to adjust the speed of the tracks.

I used the "Audacity" software program to adjust the speed of the tracks. No other "remastering" work besides speed correction was done on this recording. I won't guarantee that the speed correcting work I did is 100% accurate but that said it is a vast improvement over the raw version.

Enjoy, Jeff Archer