Van Der Graaf Generator
Society for Ethical Culture
New York, New York
June 30, 2012

Lineage: Sound Professionals SP-TFB-2 in ear binaurals (not in ears- see note below) > ZoomH2 > Tracks split using Sound Studio > to FLAC using xACT

artwork included

I left my microphones on the seat next to me so the sound is not what it could have been. I was so close that had the microphones been in my ears they would probably have been visible to the band members… Sorry. It's quite listenable but it could have been better.

01 Interference Patterns
02 Your Time Starts Now
03 Flight
04 Bunsho
05 Lifetime
06 All That Before
07 Mr. Sands
08 Over the Hill
09 Childlike Faith in Childhood's End
10 Still Life