Van Der Graaf Generator 2013.06.20 Darmstadt, Centralstation [AUD]

Tonight's motto might have been "What if we play only long songs?" Well, almost. The 2 songs under 10 minutes were introduced as "a couple of hit singles" by a good-tempered Peter Hammill. On his last solo tour he looked rather tired (but still did the hell of a performance) after being stuck in a train in heavy weather. No tiredness this time - his voice was very strong, he was in a rocking mood, the audience freaked out. Did I mention they played "A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers"?

I recorded from second row, center - so the instruments are a bit louder than the voice in the loud parts, but not too much. And I caught some of PHs off-microphone comments and his "yeeeaaaaaah!" (meurglys III, at 10:14). The recording turned out well, but a bit muffled, so here you have a mastered version. I consider posting the unprocessed 24 bit files als well later.

Later that night, I got stuck in a train in heavy weather, but that's another story.

Zoom H1 -> SD Card (WAV 44hHz/24bit) -> PC -> Mastering [Wavelab] -> WAV (44kHz/16bit) -> flac

Compression & EQ (mids @2.22Hz, Treble)

Recorded, mastered and uploaded by Wannerl

front cover included

[intro] [1:54]
Over the Hill [12:46]
Flight [21:17]
Bunsho [6:02]
Liftetime [5:46]
Meurglys III, The Songwriters Guild [16:40]
A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers [23:26]
[encore break] [1:59]
Scorched Earth [11:31]

total: 1:41:25

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