Van Der Graaf
1977-03-25 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Audience recording!

Lineage: unknown > cdr > wav > !!! lots of treatments with CoolEditPro !!! > cdr > wav > flac

Sound quality: istenable - good (for that age... and I did my best to "remaster it" to better sound quality)

Masks 8:49
Rock And Rôle 10:40
Arrow 10:39
My Room 8:54
The Siren Song 6:19
Time Heals 10:14
Lost And Found 11:02
When She Comes 8:27

This concert is mentioned as 25.09.1976 often. This is wrong! PH is mentioning "Over" to be released "in 3 weeks or so" and "Over" was released early April 1977!
Only one Van der Graaf song ("The Siren Song") but very interesting versions oPH non-Van-der-Graaf-songs! The VDGG songs "Masks", "Arrow", "My Room" and "When She Comes" without organ and sax, but with violin and bass are great or at least very interesting. The PH songs: "Rock And Rôle" is stunning! "Time Heals" and "Lost And Found" are as good as you might expect, fresh and intense!

Artworks included!

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