Van der Graaf
New Theatre
Oxford, UK
17 October 1977

Source: Audience recording
Lineage: Unknown > Cdr > wav > flac

This version (2012): Balanced LH channel by 3-3.5db
Split Chemical World and Habit into two tracks
Renamed and tagged files, created new ffp and md5

CD 1
01. Crying Wolf
02. Lizard Play
03. Chemical World
04. The Habit Of The Broken Heart
05. Still Life

CD 2
01. Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever (Running)
02. The Sphinx In The Face
03. A Plague Of Sleepwalkers
04. Pioneers Over C

the_comet's comments:

Sound quality: listenable-good

Comment: "Crying Wolf" is a bit lame and only listenable; "Lizard Play" is better. "Chemical World" has some starting problems, but grows and grows 'till it moves gently into "The Habit Of The Broken Heart", which is great! "Still Life" is very good and intense. NP does a superb job here!
"Cat's Eye" is only listenable. "Sphinx" is a little better! "Plague/Sleepwalkers" is great, more shouted than sung! Aggressive GS violin, great bass! "Pioneers Over C" is the highlight again! Splendid!