Van Halen
Greensboro, NC
Greensboro Coliseum
April 21, 2012

Taper: Rerun
Equipment: receivers>cables>recorder


Left channel: Wolfgang
Right channel: Eddie

01. drum check
02. Unchained
03. Running With the Devil
04. She's the Woman
05. requests denied
06. Tattoo
07. As Is
08. Light Up the Sky

notes: stumbled across this "mini audience" soundcheck as I was getting my gear setup...did not plan on recording this but I'm glad I David Lee Roth, but a pretty cool jam session non the less. Some static here and there but nothing you can't get past. I had
to cut and past from one channel to the other in a few spots to get rid of some major static. There is a ton of cow bell on Wolfgang's
feed, horrible really. If you like one channel better than the other, just load the tracks in your media tool (Adobe, Sound Forge, etc.)
and copy the right or left into a new track on its own...I didn't mix them because I thought everyone might like independent feeds.

You can do what ever you want with this.