Van Halen

Pasadena High School
The Village Recorder (LA)
Electric Ladyland Studios(NY)
Hollywood CA

Bootleg title: "Schools Out"

Lineage of show: SB >1st gen cass>Kenwood KX-77CW tape deck>Creative Labs
Audigy 2 24bit>WAV>Adobe Audition>WAVES Audio Restoration
Tools>WAV>CDWave>WAV>FLAC Frontend>FLAC(level 8)

Quality of show: Feb 1975 A+
April 1975 A+

Gene Simmons Demos A+

Transferred by Wooda
File Size: 294 MB, FLAC

Disc 1
Total Time: 54:32
Pasadena High Feb 75
I Wanna Be Your Lover 3:05

2. In For The Kill 5:34

3. Take Your Whiskey Home 3:37

4. WIldfire 3:34

Pasadena High April 75

5. Chevrolet 2:25

6. Maybe I'm A LEO 3:14

7. Brown Sugar 3:55

8. And We All Had A Real Good Time 3:34

9. Walk Away 4:07

10. Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo 4:51

11. Don't Call Us, We'll Call You 3:44

12. I Live With Fools 5:53

Gene Simmons Demo

13. House Of Pain 3:36

14. Runnin' With The Devil 3:23

Artwork is included.
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* - Do not sell this recording.
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Enjoy the damn thing how & whenever you like!

Notes from Wooda:

I won't rehash old news, but the version of these songs on many sourses most notebly Just Before The Eruption is junk. Since I was the source of the original tapes, I can now offer you what I believe to be the best quality you will ever find.

QUALITY: Try and Match it!!! Listen to Chevrolet, and listen to the soundman
dialing in the sound, increadable!

NOTES: I think they may have been at their peak in 1975. They were tight and
they were hungry! They played most covers better than the artists
themselves. here we have

In For the Kill (Budgie)
Wildfire (Spooky Tooth)
Chevrolet (ZZ Top)
Maybe I'm A LEO (Deep Purple)
Brown Sugar (ZZ Top)
And We All Had A Real Good Time (Edgar Winter Group)
Walk Away (James Gang)
Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo (Rick Derringer)
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You (Sugarloaf)

Thanks to Van Halen for the great music
Thanks to Von, Esh, KY, and the rest of the DDLR (
crew for giving me a place to talk shit and share my stuff.

Transferred, edited and brought to you by Wooda and LIVE1 Productions