Van Halen
October, 1977
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA, USA

Lineage: AUD>Trade > EAC > WAV > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC

Running Time: 57 Minutes


01 On Fire
02 One More Time
03 Runnin' Wtih The Devil
04 Atomic Punk
05 Aint' Talkin Bout' Love
06 Loss Of Control
07 No More Waiting
08 Eruption
09 Feel Your Love Tonight
10 Show Your Love
11 Summertime Blues
12 Angel Eyes
13 Take Your Whiskey Home
14 In A Simple Rhyme

Notes: Quality on this recording is excellent.
This was one of the first shows Van Halen played after being signed to Warner Bros in October 1977. Some people point to this date being the 1st of October but this has never been confirmed. Also, it's worth noting that Van Halen played two sets in Magic Mountain and it's not known if this is the first or second set.
'One More Time' is an unreleased song by Van Halen and this recording is the only example of this song ever being played live.
'Loss Of Control' is the earliest live example of this song being performed from the album 'Women and the Children First'.
'No More Waiting' is also known as 'Get Off My Back' and 'Show No Mercy' and the intro was recylced by Eddie nearly 20 years later for 'Take Me Back (Deja Vu)' for their 'Balance' album.
'Summertime Blues' is the earliest known live version by Van Halen.
'Angel Eyes' is a rare Acoustic Demo by DLR, recorded sometime in 1974.
'Take Your Whiskey Home' and 'In A Simple Rhyme' are demos which have been featured on the bootleg 'Demo Daze' but these come from a much lower generation Tape source. These two songs were also recorded in 1974.