Theatre Mogador
Paris, France
May 10th 1978

EX quality audience MASTER, not from boot LP or CD.

Lineage : JVC stereo mic -> JVC KD2 cassette recorder
-> master TDK AD tape -> Nakamichi Dragon dolby off
-> Sony MDS JE-520 MD recorder -> Pioneer PDR 609 stand alone CD burner
-> EAC -> FLAC level 8 align on sector boundaries.

Set list (please check it, I am not a VH specialist !)

01-On Fire
02-I'm the One
03-Runnin' With The Devil
04-Feel Your Love Tonight
05-Atomic Punk
06-Little Dreamer
07-Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
08-Voodoo Queen
09-Ice Cream Man
10-Guitar solo
11-You Really Got Me
12-D.O.A (fades in)
13-Summertime Blues
14-Bottoms Up!

Total Time - 00:59:37

Taped by PM
Seeded by finkployd49

Enjoy the music, dont'sell it on e-bay.

No artwork, feel free to make one !