Van Halen Live in Tokyo 1978
Format: Compact Disc (CD-R)

Label: The Atomic Punks

Source: Shinjuk Hall, Tokyo Japan, June 17 1978

On Fire 3:35
Show Your Love 4:43
Bass Solo 1:27
Running With the Devil 4:05
Atomic Punk 3:33
Little Dreamer 3:28
Last Night 3:33
Feel Your Love Tonight 4:02
Ain't Talking 'Bout Love 7:26
Ice Cream Man 4:38
Somebody Get Me A Doctor 3:48
Eruption 3:48
You Really Got Me 4:12
D.O.A. 4:39
Bottoms Up 8:36

Total Time - 65:33

This is a A-/B++ audience recording. Dave's vocals come through real clear, but Eddie's guitar and Mike's bass seem a little distant. The last two tracks come through real clear. Audience noise is very minimal. Sound would compare to "LISTEN UP EDDIE".
All liner notes are printed on very high quality glossy paper.
The front cover is a live picture of the band on their first tour with the VH symbol as a backdrop for the stage.
The inside foldout is various live picture of the band members from the early days.
The inside cover is a picture of Dave holding a mic with a purple light shining on him.
The under disc tray is a picture of Eddie sitting on the roll bar of a Jeep Renegade.
The back is the VH album cover logo on black with the set list in red on both sides and the location above that in white letters in a red backdrop.
The disc is a CD-R that is silk-screened red/orange (no sticky label) with "Shinjuk 78" printed in bold letters.
Track 3, "Bass Solo" is not listed on the rear cover, thus throwing off all subsequent track numbers by one. The track list above is correct. The rear cover shows track 15 as "Never Out". This does not exist on the disc.
Track 5, "Atomic Punk" contains a short drum solo.
During "Ain't Talking 'Bout Love", the band does a little jam session so Dave can tell everyone he feels "sexy"!!
This is one of the first and probably only live recording after VAN HALEN was released to include the song "Last Night".