Van Halen
The Center at
Louisville Kentucky USA
February 18th 2012

Recorded and uploaded by arcme262

AT933's>Tascam DR-1>
Hard Drive>NeroWave>Flac>Dime

What can I say, it really couldn't have gone any better. No screamers, whistlers, talkers, or any other frustrations. No traffic in front of me, so no "phasing" or anything. Just a good capture of a GREAT show.
This show had much more "chemistry" between the band members than either one of the shows I saw in 2007/2008. Dave was much more "Dave-like", and not nearly as reserved as the prior tour. I guess he feels like he's really got the gig again, and is back to being his natural-born bad-ass self. That's fine with me,'cuz this show kicked ass!

101.You Really Got Me
102.Runnun' With The Devil
103.She's The Woman
104.Romeo's Delight
106.Everybody Wants Some
107.Somebody Get Me Doctor
109.Mean Streets
110.Pretty Woman
111.Alex Solo
113.Trouble With Never
201.Dance The Night Away
202.I'll Wait
203.Hot For Teacher
204.Women In Love
205.Outta' Love
206.Beautiful Girls
207.Ice Cream Man
209.Eddie Solo
210.Ain't Talkin' Bout Love