Van Manakas quartet - rock/jazz/funk
uncirculated SBD - transferred Jan 1, 2010

Van Manakas - Love Songs - album debut gig
-- impeccable sound / studio quality

unknown date - I'm stabbing in the dark
March 1, 1984 is a TOTAL GUESS

unknown venue
Nyack, NY

Taped, transferred, and remastered by Monte Barry
-- PEACE, please

Monte the Taper - get my tapes

SBD > Nakamichi 550 portable cassette deck w/ Dolby NR and chrome tape bias
Maxell C90 UD XL chromium dioxide cassettes

cassette masters > Nakamichi 550 > Lexicon Alpha > 24-bit / 48Khz > USB
Samplitude 7.22 > 16-bit / 44.1Khz > Trader's Little Helper > Flac

Disc 1 - set 1
unknown track
band intro
Lion in Love
new untitled tune
Magnetic North
North America

Disc 2 - set 2
Love or Die
new untitled tune
unknown track
unknown track
unknown track

-- Magnetic North has reel flip cut x-faded at 5:57
-- recording was paused on-the-fly

Rounder Records 3063 is out of circulation

Van Manakas - guitar, frontman
Mitchell Foreman - piano
Mike Richmond - bass
Michael Highman - drums

note by Monte the Taper:
I taped this show. There is no way I taped this show after July, 1984, period. I don't care what Billboard-dot-com says! March 1, 1984 is a wild guess. Maybe it was taped in 1983 possibly?

Van Manakas studied with Pat Metheny at the Berklee College of Music, earning his B.A. in composition. He made his recording debut as a sideman with Jack Tottle on Backroad Mandolin. At 21, he was hired by Gil Evans, with whom he toured the U.S. and Europe. He released his debut album, Physical, in 1980, followed by Love Songs in 1985. In the mid-'80s, he entered into a partnership with pianist Scott Cossu that resulted in five albums before Cossu was disabled by a car accident. While playing on sessions and soundtracks, Manakas continued to make solo albums, including Letters From the Equator (1992), Mountain (1995), and American Guitar (2000). ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide.
AMERICAN GUITAR album Van Manakas

Virtuosity speaks for itself. But I'm going to ramble on about other aspects of this fine, fun record along with the absolutely mindbending guitartistry of this soft spoken Telecaster wizard. The country and swing compositions are more than just challenging foils for his fret popping improvisations. All the songs have memorable instrumental hooks and inspired arrangements, but most importantly, they are played with great humor and reckless abandon. These last two qualities elevate the record from the stiffer feel of some otherwise good instrumental records. The veteran Nashville crew that Van gigs and records with play with knucklehead genius and a go-for-it attitude, and they make the disc feel more like a jam session. Hall of Famer Doug Jernigan on the pedal steel just can't be beat, and is equally and completely at home in all the different grooves, from swing to ballad to boogie and beyond. One of the kings of hillbilly jazz, he's also featured on the classic recording with Vassar Clements and Stephane Grappelli. FG