Van Morrison National Boxing Stadium S.C.R Dublin Ireland Friday 31 October 1986
Audience Recording Of Unknown Generation.With Thanks As Always To The Taper.

01 Moondance.
02 Cry For Home.
03 Solid Ground.
04 Vanlose Stairway.
05 Its All A Game.
06 Bring Me My Night Shirt.
07 Thanks for The Infomation.
08 Cleaning Windows.
09 satisfied.
10 This love Will Last Forever.
11 Irish Heartbeat.
12 More And More.
13 Dweller On The Threshold.
14 Sense Of Wonder.
15 Gloria.
16 In The Garden.
17 Summertime In England.
18 Bright Side Of The Road.
19 Full Force Gale.
20 Rave On John Dunne.
21 Outro.

Concert Ends Tape Ends.

Tapes Infomation. Recived In Dublin In 1986 Just After Concert (I was at It) Two Maxell Ur60
Ferro cass Tapes.

Transfer Infomation PlayBack In Hitachi Trk W260E Unit Via Ear Out (stereo Fly Lead)
To Line In Audigy Soundcard As A Wav File At 44 Khz Sampling Rate.Traders Little Helper
Flac Front End compression Level 8 To Internet.

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