Van Morrison
with The Blizzards
Buiten Societeit
Deventer, Netherlands
March 09, 1967 (Thursday)

Audience Recording

aud > ? > flac (additional notes below)

01. Intro > One More Time
02. If You And I Could Be As Two
03. Gloria *
04. Hey Girl **
05. My Lonely Sad Eyes
06. Mystic Eyes ^

* - Van on organ

** - Van on piano. Also at end of song you here Van say "It's Too Late To Stop Now"

^ - Van on harmonica

Banb Members
Van Morrison - guitar, piano and organ, harmonica & vocals

The Blizzards
Herman Brood - vocals
Eelco Gelling - guitar
Willy Middel - bass
Hans Waterman - drums

Van Morrison was in the Netherlands for 3 days from March 9 thru March 11
March 9 (Thursday) - 1 show
March 10 (Friday) - 2 shows and 1 TV appearance
March 11 (Saturday) - 4 shows and 1 cancellation

This is the only show that has surfaced from the Netherlands

flac > audacity (exported as wave) > flac level 6 (by tlh)
removed pops, cleaned up tracks and improved transition between tracks

added notes by happy jack
received in 2005? with no info. just artwork
researched and added info. text
added flac fingerprints
SBEs Fixed checked and passed
Artwork included

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Happy Jack

flac fingerprints
Track 01 fixed.flac:73d60dd5be0434aa3974e10f56ebe66a
Track 02 fixed.flac:d231819f702013c618b5b5bfef9e49c0
Track 03 fixed.flac:6988b2c33aaf01b5c1d8c13aa42f6b75
Track 04 fixed.flac:d0dc63681314b16855958e8d991d54a7
Track 05 fixed.flac:a3e430babd3abd2e61a4f9933243f851
Track 06 fixed.flac:38b63793c1b4d4885b00059e22532be2

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