Van Morrison - "Unplugged In The Studio 1968-1971" acoustic studio demo material. SOUNDBOARD. (samples included)

Van Morrison
Unplugged In The Studio
Studio Demos

source: Soundboard
format: 1CD
label: Silver: OP8 MUSIC: POP-01

Astral Weeks 1968
01. The Way Young Lovers Do (3:33) acoustic guitar
02. Ballerina (4:45) acoustic guitar

Moondance 1969
03. And It Stoned Me (4:22) acoustic guitar & harmony vocals
04. Caravan (4:35) acoustic guitar & electric bass
05. Come Running (1:45) acoustic guitar
06. These Dreams Of You (2:24) acoustic guitar & tambourine
07. Brand New Day (5:56) acoustic guitar, electric bass & drums

His Band And The Street Choir 1970
08. Domino (3:56) acoustic guitar, percussion & harmony vocals
09. If I Ever Needed Someone (3:42) acoustic guitar

Tupelo Honey 1971
10. Wild Night (5:18) acoustic guitar & acoustic bass
11. When That Evening Sun Goes Down (2:14) acoustic guitar

Unissued Songs 1968 - 1971
12. Nobody Really Knows (6:04) acoustic guitar & acoustic bass
13. Bit By Bit (4:58) acoustic guitar & acoustic bass
14. Hey Where Are You (6:23) acoustic guitar, acoustic bass & flute
15. I Need Your Kind Of Loving (3:29) acoustic guitar, acoustic bass & flute
16. Lorna (2:35) acoustic guitar
17. Rock And Roll Band (5:02) acoustic guitar
18. Funny Face (2:22) acoustic guitar

A compilation of acoustic studio demo material stretching
from the Astral Weeks period through to the early 1970s,
included never released (recorded) songs.
nice material from a great era

None of this stuff,parts,tracks etc has ended up on any officially release!

complete art and CD-print included

Enjoy, relax and stay healthy

Enlight (2013-07)

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