Wild Night
Van Morrison 1976-05-26
Oil Well RSC CD080
(Manufactured in Italy)

1. I've Been Working (4:13)
2. Young Lovers Do (3:56)
3. Purple Heather (5:32)
4. Come Running (2:31)
5. Sweet Thing (4:44)
6. Blue Money (3:44)
7. Green (4:07)
8. Wild Night (4:19)
9. Caravan (9:18)
10. Cypress Avenue (9:56)
11. It's Not The Twilight Zone (6:31) deleted
12. Foggy Mountain Top (4:40) deleted
13. Heathrow Shuffle (3:06) deleted
14. Naked In The Jungle (6:01) deleted
Total time: (72:44)
Tracks 11 through 14 are officially released on dvd, thus deleted here.

Stated as being recorded live in Los Angeles May 26, 1973, but see other
links below

There were acetates made of a 3 record set of It's Too Late To Stop Now.
When the choice was made to make it a 2 record set, the above tracks were
left off. (The last four tracks on this boot are taken from Montreaux 1974).

This boot is not to be confused with another 2CD bootleg with the same name.

Review by Eric Gerber:
The sound quality of this boot is impeccable. I don't have the other boots
that are this same show [Ed: often referred to as the It's Too Late To Stop
Now acetates - see It Ain't Why, It Just Is and Its Never Too Late], but the
sound and the quality of performance are first rate. There are no liner
notes to speak of, just a color picture on the cover. It does not list the
musicians, but I'm sure the info is available on the other boots of the same
show. There is a misprint on the spine of the case, which I guess makes this
one a rarity - it says, "Bruce Springsteen - Wild Night".

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