<title>Sugarmegs Audio Setlist</title>
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Santa Monica<br />
Civic Auditorium<br />
29 JUN 73<br />
**late**<br />
I Believe, Moonshine Whiskey, Wild Night, I Just Want To Make Love To You,<br />
Buena Sera Senorita, Listen to the Lion &gt; Band Intros [fades out], <br />
Wild Children [fades in], There There Child, Sweet Thing [fades in],<br />
Gloria, Domino, Green, Into the Mystic<br />
<br />
This show was �released� in early April 2005, and it captures Van and the Caledonia Soul Band at their majestic best. This show is incomplete -- the taper notes that perhaps some superfluous beverage between the early and late shows may have distorted the science of his taping; nonetheless, what is here qualifies as a gem. Thirty-two years after its recording, the tape was resurrected from the proverbial closet and sent to a possessed Van Morrison collector, one of the �completist� varieties who must have every show known to exist. However, this insane collector realized that he had something special on hand, and having cleared its broader distribution with the taper, is providing the opportunity for everyone to hear for himself or herself the joy of a virgin listening of an almost 32-year-old show that until recently was only a sad notation of a show once held of which no recording (apparently) existed. Enjoy this show, as well as the 24 May 1973 Van Morrison show that was part of the same closet�s revelation.<br />
<br />

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