ARTIST Van Morrison
TITLE For Rainbow
VENUE Rainbow Theatre
CITY London
DATE July 24, 1973
SOURCE Broadcast

4-Eyed Freak remastering

01 - Warm Love (3:22)
02 - Take your Hands Out Of My Pocket (4:03)
03 - Here Comes The Night (3:17)
04 - I Just Want To Make Love To You (5:36)
05 - Brown Eyed Girl (3:12)
06 - Moonshine Whiskey (7:14)
07 - Moondance (5:19)
08 - Help Me (2:41)
09 - Domino (4:37)
10 - Caravan (8:45)
11 - Cyprus Avenue (9:34)
12 - Wild Night (4:21)

Total Time DVD : 1:02:05

BONUS (lost tracks from this concert,on audio CD only)

13 - I Paid The Price (6:43)
14 - Saint Dominic's Preview (6:18)
15 - Gloria (3:16) [cut, Dave Fanning talking over]

Total Time CD 1:18:27
LineUp :
Van Morrison : Vocals
John Platania - guitar
Jeff Labes - keyboards
Jack Schroer - saxophones
Bill Atwood - trumpet
David Hayes - bass
Dahaud Shaar - drums
Terry Adams - cello
Nancy Ellis - viola
Tom Halpin - violin
Tim Kovatch - violin
Nathan Rubin - violin
01 - Warm Love.flac:dfbcfb31d4193b344c4b998b9ffd3099
02 - Take Your Hand Out of My Pocket.flac:aa9fc2729f9d366c0a05e7d30c981832
03 - Here Comes The Night.flac:dd22d47bd62fd436e5ea1bfea68544a6
04 - I Just Want To Make Love To You.flac:7f4894113fbabdcae89575848b5c8f0b
05 - Brown Eyed Girl.flac:402fc32b5d6bc8686f2e14ef8adfc465
06 - Moonshine Whiskey.flac:6133dcf18320ea63157622a850384615
07 - Moondance.flac:94475ca73f8c9e29e5159b6eac0dda8e
08 - Help Me.flac:edc06692718094aebd52c9f9524a827a
09 - Domino.flac:a77ad36193f4b3830642e3aea9ab7a43
10 - Caravan.flac:37daf57dfabe6e72d1594bf6af4756d1
11 - Cyprus Avenue.flac:682fde9228414f1763c69fe80fd2e5dc
12 - Wild Night.flac:1803bcebdd51aec8176175d21be2d406
13 - I Paid The Price.flac:e15a2ffc08078079a28cb5b03d30e895
14 - Saint Dominic's Preview.flac:f2711f3fccbe949c19ebdc0f9578a2b5
15 - Gloria.flac:5f42320603d906987a81510482e5aec7
Hi resolution artwork:
in subdirectory "artwork"
Sources :
Tracks 1-11 from the 27 may 1974 original BBC "simulcast" : audio come from the stereo radio feed, video come from a rare VHS recording of the BBC2 broadcast.
Track 12 "Wild Night" : audio comes from the 31 dec 1975 OGWT BB2 broadcast, video comes from a dutch repeat in 1980.
Tracks 13-15 "I Paid the price", "Saint Dominic's Preview" and "Gloria" come from the RTE 1974 broadcast.

Audio :
1-12 : Master tape > WAV 44.1 kHz > WAV 48 KHz > Remastering and speed correction > WAV 44.1 KHz > FLAC
13-15 : Master tape > WAV 44.1 kHz > FLAC > WAV > Remastering and speed correction > FLAC
Video :
Original broadcast > VHS > DVD > Mpeg2 (no reencoding) > merging sources, overdubing the remastered sound and authorizing > DVD

DVD features :
Video : PAL format - 720 x 576 - 8900 kbps - neither PTS nor GOP size error
Audio : ac3 48kHz 224 kbps from the 48 kHz remastered files.
Notes (thanks to setlist.com and to the Van Morrison Website)

The Rainbow Theatre show was first broadcasted by the BBC2 as part of the Old Grey Whistle Test on the 27 may 1974. It was aired simultaneously on stereo FM radio and on mono TV. This was one of the earliest stereo radio broadcasts, and the first simultaneous TV/radio broadcast of a "rock" concert.
It was repeated on the 9 oct 1980 on BBC2 as well. ALL the previous copies that are in circulation (known as "Over The Rainbow" and "Under The Rainbow") are from the 1980 rebroadcast.

"Over the Rainbow" is a bad quality stereo recording (according to the Hayward website : [Over the Rainbow] sounds as though it could've been taken straight from a notoriously bad-sounding LP). "Under the Rainbow" is better, but it's mono.

What's more, they are very incomplete. "Warm Love" was only aired on the initial BBC 1974 broadcast and dropped after that from future broadcasts. "Wild Night", "I Paid the price", "Saint Dominic's Preview" and "Gloria" have never been broadcasted on BBC but only on a 1980 Dutch broadcast (WN) or on a 1974 Irish broadcast by RTE (IPTP, SDP, G). Hence, those 5 tracks seldom (or never) circulated before.

Same issues with the videos/DVDs previously circulating : they all come from the 1980 repeat, have a medium to very bad image and sound quality, and all are mono.

SAW did a fantastic work in researching and finding good recordings of both the original 1974 video and stereo radio broadcasts.
The rare "lost" tracks were unearthed from Harm's archives. Their sound quality is much lower than the other sources, that's why they are given as "bonus".

The challenge was then to remaster the sound from old audio tape sources (first generation from stereo off-air, but recorded onto low grade cassettes as most people did at the time) and to synchronise it to the video that originaly had a bad mono sound. Of course, the audio tape had a dramaticaly bad pitch and a very irregular speed, so it had to be adjusted every 30 seconds. I now know what purgatory looks like.
The incomplete "Wild Night" video that came separated was then merged to the BBC source, without cutting the end of the song as it originaly was.

So here it is for you : the most complete and best quality (untill we find a reel-to-reel recording, or Van releases it) package of both the video and audio versions, in full stereo.

Enjoy it !


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