VAN MORRISON - 1973-11-02 Talk About Pop, RTE Television Studios, Dublin, Ireland

01. Wild Children
02. Slim Slow Slider
03. Warm Love
04. Drumshambo Hustle
05. Autumn Song
06. St. Dominic's Preview
07. Purple Heather
08. Madame George
09. Wild Side Of Life
10. I Shall Sing
11. And It Stoned Me
12. piano intro [cut]
***** LACKING - Snow In San Anselmo
***** LACKING - Beside You

01. Wild Children.flac:460a019b33bde871739105024f579e88
02. Slim Slow Slider.flac:772e02dba96c47b283eb8e1874e00d27
03. Warm Love.flac:68f4cacfbabed8f889bddd0bf7ca5e76
04. Drumshambo Hustle.flac:389bb32020c94f023e2a1e6c23fc22bd
05. Autumn Song.flac:ccd7960f2ddba0cccf4b174b3a981876
06. St Dominic's Preview.flac:b8024358a64343c0aeaf87e7449eea28
07. Purple Heather.flac:86189a6b13160bd308d55cd96cd694b3
08. Madame George.flac:024afa6f63e2c0a7489bcdcc445b8e2a
09. Wild Side Of Life.flac:6a149208251ae0e8e14671c140db8655
10. I Shall Sing.flac:1b4fe5990447e11ba630d318f8b05e86
11. And It Stoned Me.flac:49521dbd795fd7ca8b06040926ae4e73
12. piano intro [cut].flac:0e14737d2d585197809e2a9089860ce7

LINEAGE: RTE-TV broadcast > ?? > low generation type-II cassette tape > Tascam + TDK stand-alone burner transfer to CD-R > EAC wav (hard drive) > Audacity track stitched & separated wav > CD-R > EAC wav (hard drive) > Trader's Little Helper flac level 8 & torrent > Dime

The date of this broadcast is all over the map. When I was an avid collector years ago it was dated November 2, 1973, but elsewhere its noted as a television appearance broadcast on either November 9 or 11, 1973, possibly even September 11, 1973. I've been out of the Van trading community for a dozen years so perhaps something better has surfaced, but this is from a tape I received @2001 from George Abbs, an old-time fan in Belfast. The quality of this is a vast improvement over what was circulating a dozen years ago. It seems that any between-song banter or pauses was edited out so each song is stacked right on top of each other with virtually no space to place the track markers; I did the best I could. This is one of my favorite live Van performances, an all-acoustic solo show, just Van and his guitar singing & playing with relaxed intensity. I've included a scan of the drawing that came as the tape cover artwork.

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