VAN MORRISON - 1974-02-12 Oxnard, California

unknown venue, Oxnard, California, U.S.A., 1974-02-12

01. Ballerina
02. Astral Weeks
03. Brown Eyed Girl
04. Ain't Nothin' You Can Do
05. These Dreams Of You
06. I Believe To My Soul
07. My Little Suede Shoes [unknown instrumental]
08. Heathrow Shuffle [AKA Pure; instrumental]
09. Moondance
10. Wild Night
11. Caravan
12. Gloria

Van Morrison - vocals, harmonica & other instruments
James Rothermel - saxophone
Dahaud Shaar - drums
James Trumbo - keyboards
Ralph Wash - guitar
David Hayes - bass

01. Ballerina.flac:2e8eb1ccb6b6a966a2eeda7b556116da
02. Astral Weeks.flac:4f032425e92df4567ed505613dc9b3f0
03. Brown Eyed Girl.flac:4b8dbd03b762e947b94f07976662ac91
04. Ain't Nothin' You Can Do.flac:e536ec1a90b1cf1db5eb7633953b3f60
05. These Dreams Of You.flac:75ae11811665ad36f3b3aa38242703f2
06. I Believe To My Soul.flac:8e05067fa69d3ebace5cb4317f6acf53
07. My Little Suede Shoes.flac:97ae0ea58baad152951546c698187663
08. Heathrow Shuffle.flac:9d5078c98134cbdc17d1c3c56bbd1f74
09. Moondance.flac:a1cd935193d832af0eab887f09d69b0c
10. Wild Night.flac:44e38023638d9ac8a023e9071ced4f56
11. Caravan.flac:a53f696969329870201bf4052676e366
12. Gloria.flac:7b0132c12d9909a34ab6dd3ad5635e1e

SOURCE: Audience
LINEAGE: unknown lineage > unknown transfer process but noise reduction is evident > CD-R (trade) > EAC wav > Trader's Little Helper flac level 8 & torrent > Dime

Not the best sound quality, a B- or B at best, plus whoever did the transfer was a little too heavy on the noise reduction resulting in that annoying "tin wind" sound throughout. Check the sample below.

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