VAN MORRISON - 1974-03-30 late, Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland + filler

Olympia Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, 1974-03-30 late show + filler

Disc 1:
01. Introduction
02. Instrumental - Caledonia Soul Express
03. Orbital Transfer - Caledonia Soul Express
04. I've Been Working
05. Warm Love
06. Don't Look Back
07. Help Me
08. Brown Eyed Girl
09. Moondance
10. I Believe To My Soul
11. Listen To The Lion
12. These Dreams Of You

Disc 2:
01. Caldonia
02. Caravan
03. Gloria
04. I Like It Like That [completed with 1974-03-29]
=== 1974-07-XX interview with Tom Donahue ===
05. "The First Trip"
=== 1976-08-06 Belle Vue King's Hall, Manchester, England guest of Eric Clapton ===
06. Help Me [cut]
07. Into The Mystic
08. Kansas City
=== 1974-07-XX interview with Tom Donahue ===
09. "A Different Trip"
=== 1974-03-14 Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts ===
10. Streets of Arklow
=== @1973 unknown venue/location
11. Try For Sleep
=== 1974-07-XX interview with Tom Donahue ===
12. "The Road"
=== 1979-09-01 Ingliston Showgrounds, Edinburgh, Scotland
13. I've Been Working
=== 1974-07-XX interview with Tom Donahue ===
14. "Corner Boys"
=== 1974-07-08 Kongresshalle, Frankfurt, West Germany ===
15. Street Choir
=== 1978-10-12 Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut ===
16. Take It Where You Find It
=== 1974-07-XX interview with Tom Donahue ===
17. "Them"
=== 1978-11-22 Blue Note, Boulder, Colorado ===
18. Gloria [guitar rock version]
=== 1979-09-01 Ingliston Showgrounds, Edinburgh, Scotland
19. Rolling Hills [first appearance with the Chieftains]

SOURCE (1974-03-30): Audience
LINEAGE: low generation type-II cassette tape > DNR > EQ > level-adjusted > CD-R (Tree Master) > EAC wav (hard drive) > Trader's Little Helper flac level 8 & torrent > Dime

This set was assembled by Ignatz who also did the tape to CD-R transfers and created the artwork. It was treed @2001 via The Archival Group with the title Don't Look Back: The Millennial Tree Volume 2 - The 1970s. The 1974-03-30 show is of poor sound quality and will probably only be of interest to the serious collector. The filler material is quite a mixed bag in terms of sound quality. Check the sample below.

Original tree notes by Ignatz:
In the last week of March of 1974, Van Morrison returned to Ireland to play a series of sold-out concerts at Dublin's Olympia Theatre. Shackled with a flu virus, Van slogged through the first shows of the gig. His strength returned, however, on March 30th, and he took the stage for an inspired and elevated performance. That show is presented here for the first time and anchors Vol. 2 of the Millennial Tree: The 70's. Also represented is a 3-song guest spot of Van with Eric Clapton, a guitar rock version of "Gloria" from 1978 and a disco-leaning "I've Been Working" from Scotland in 1979. The same show featured the first-ever appearance of Van with the Chieftains for a surprising encore of "Rolling Hills" long before the Irish Heartbeat tour of late '87 and '88.

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