Van Morrison
The Bucolic Frolic
Knebworth house Hartfordshire
Van Morrison- sax, harmonica, vocals.

Peter Van Hook - drums.
Pete Wingfield - piano
Jerome Rimson -bass

Heathrow Shuffle
Warm Love
Foggy Mountain Top
Street Choir
I Like It Like That
Twilight Zone
Listen to the Lion
Boffyflow and Spike
Into the Mystic
Since I Fell for You
Help Me
I Believe to My Soul
I've Been Working
Take Your Hand Out of My Pocket
Naked in the Jungle
Brown Eyed Girl

This is a great set from Van,it was the only time I ever saw him, but it was a corker. Perhaps having a shouting match backstage with Allan Jones from the Melody Maker before the show invigorated him !
"The first time I try to interview Van, in his trailer backstage at Knebworth in 1974, it ends badly after he mistakes me for someone who’s written unflatteringly about him and works himself up into a complete and unnecessary strop. Van’s almost pathologically rude, won’t listen to a word of explanation and the upshot is, we end up shouting at each other, loudly enough for people waiting outside to see how things go between us to start looking first worried, then aghast. I eventually storm out of his caravan, slamming a door behind me so hard its hinges nearly pop and the whole thing shakes like a small earthquake’s just hit the area, Van shouting something I don’t quite catch at my retreating back."

This set isn't plagued by the annoying wind gusts that spoil most of the other recordings from Knebworth 74, there is also generally a very quiet audience, this is a very good recording for the era, instruments are nicely separated , although it hasn't the clarity of the JK recordings of other bands,the flip side is ,it hasn't got any nasty wind noise.

Unknown gen cassette > digitised to hard drive > CD > extract 2019, remix audition and acon tools, increase volume to match other track , tone down applause and minor eq, minor hiss reduction.
> flac XACT SBE( LEVEL 8 )
Mastered and transferred by GGB