Van Morrison - Providence October 26Th 1974 (Lampinski) 16/44 Fixed (Jtt) Request

Note: Firstly Many Thanks For The Recording And Upload, Always A Treat When
An Uncirculated Recording Surfaces, And In Good Quality. This Recording Was
Made On A Mono Machine With Mono Mike So Only One Channel. To Match Modern
Two Channel Equipment The Single Channel Needs To Be Split Equally Into Two.
This Is Where The Problem Arises With This Transfer To Digital And On First
Listening I Straightaway Noticed That The Left Channel Level Was Too High And
Touching On Distortion But The Right Channel Was Perfect. Three Other
Morrison Collectors Contacted Me And Asked If The Problem Could Be Corrected,
As This Is An Important Recording. This I Have Done, Very Simple, And Now The
Recording Is Balanced And Can Be Heard As Recorded. I Can Only Assume That
One Of The Machines Used To Do The First Transfer To Digital Either Had A Very
Worn Head Or The Azimuth Was Incorrect.


Further Mastering By Jtt, December 2010:
As This Is A Mono Recording I Have Used Only The Right Channel Copied To Left
With No Change Was Made To Level.

Also Cleaned A Poor Edit At 08.01 In Disc One, Track 08, Moved Several
Track Marks (Some Missed The Start Of The Number) And Faded The Discs
Out And In.

All Alterations Were Made To The Downloaded Flac Files So No Decoding/
Encoding Involved. Work Was Carried Out With Soundforge Pro 10B And Flacs
Aligned With Traders Little Helper.

Van Morrison
Palace Theatre
Providence, Rhode Island
October 26Th 1974

Master Audience Recording Taped By Dan Lampinski

01 Naked In The Jungle
02 Street Choir
03 Warm Love
04 Bulbs
05 Into The Mystic
06 Help Me
07 I Believe To My Soul
08 Listen To The Lion (Spliced)
09 Wild Night
10 You Don't Pull No Punches, But You Don't Push The River

01 I've Been Working
02 Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket
03 Twilight Zone
04 E1: Moondance > Fever
05 E2: Brown Eyed Girl
06 E3: Gloria

Unknown Model Dictation Style Tape Recorder
External Mono Microphone
Scotch Cassettes

Mastered And Flac'ed By Carl Morstadt (Dantalion8@Yahoo.Com)

Further Mastering By Jtt, December 2010:
(Soundforge Pro 10B (Edit & Save Flacs) > Traders Little Helper (Align & Check)

Master Cassette ->
Nakamichi Cr-3A Cassette Deck With Correction ->
M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 2496 ->
Cdwav 24-Bit/96-Khz Wav Files ->
Goldwave (Normalizing And Crossfades) ->
Cdwav (Track Breaks) ->
Dbpoweramp Audio Converter (24-Bit/96-Khz Wav Files Converted To
16-Bit/44.1 Khz Wav Files) ->
Flac Front End (Flac 8 With Sector Boundary Alignment)
Flac Files Tagged With Foobar2000 Live Show Tagger

No Eq'ing.

A 24-Bit/96-Khz Flac24 Version Of This Recording Is Also Available.

Warning/Disclaimer: This Recording Should Not Be Confused With The Series Labelled "The Dan Lampinski
Tapes Volume Xx". This Recording Represents Part Of Dan's Earliest Efforts To Capture The Live Concert
Experience For Posterity, Hence The Series Name "Dan Lampinski - The Early Years Volume Xx". Given The
Very Consistent High Quality Of Dan's Later Work, It Would Have Been Easy To Blow Off These Recordings
And Consign Them To The Dustbin Of History, But There Are Quite A Few Captures In The Series That Are
Well Worth Circulating, If Not For Their Rarity, But For The Obsessive Collector Types (We Know Who We Are)
That Want Every Single Second Of Any Recordings Of Their Favourite Musicians. So Please, Just Accept These
Recordings For What They Are, Another Part Of The Tapestry We Weave When We Collect And Share Such Things.

Since Dan Never Traded Copies Of His Recordings, They Are All Essentially Uncirculated. Some Copies Were
Made For Friends, But These Releases Are The First Time Most Of These Recordings Have Ever Seen The Light
Of Day, And Are Direct From His Master Cassettes. No Eq'ing Has Been Done To Any Of The Transfers. Feel
Free To Eq, Matrix, Patch, Etc And Re-Post If You Like, Just Give Dan Credit For The Original Recording.

Dan Was Very Meticulous About Taking Good Care Of His Tapes And Is Very Pleased That These Recordings Will
Now Circulate Among The Trading Community. Please Honour His Kindness And Generosity By Sharing These Recordings

The Transfers Are Available As 16Bit/44.1Khz Flac Files Suitable For Cd Burning, And Also As 24Bit/96Khz Flac
Files For Those Who Prefer The Higher Resolution.

Always Remember - The More Generous You Are With Your Music, The More It Comes Back To You.

Kev & Carl
November 2010

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