Van Morrison
Boston Music Hall
Boston, MA (Usa)
October 27, 1974

Audience Analog Master>Cdr>Eac>Flac

Joe Maloney Master Recording.

Set List:

Disc One:

1: Tune Ups/Introduction/Naked In The Jungle
2: Street Choir
3: Warm Love
4: Bulbs
5: Into The Mystic
6: Help Me
7: I Believe To My Soul
8: Unknown
9: Listen To The Lion
10: Wild Night
11: I've Been Working
12: Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket

Disc Two:

1: Twilight Zone
2: Moondance
3: Unknown
4: Gloria

Recorded Using A Sony Tc-110A Analog Cassette Recorder With Built In Mics.

Special Thanks To Joe Maloney For Making This Recording Available.

Please Do Not "Remaster" And Then Re-Post This Recording.