"Who`s Grumpy ?"
1974 - 2002
A brave compilation by NK

audience recordings

Setlist (changed from the original title into Van`s outburst as theme)

1. I`m Not Interested In Bootlegs 2:10
2. If You Don`t Like It Go Fuck Yourself 7:37
3. For Those On The Internet - Fuck You 6:34
4. Stickin` In The Who ? 7:13
5. Bobby`s Gone To Bed 0:50
6. Quickie Moondance 1:47
7. Back On The Fucking Top 4:20
8. Alles Kaputt 1:33
9. ...Shut The Fuck Up There 6:19
10. Pickin` Up Your Nazi Uniform From The Floor 5:22
11. I Don`t Do Those Fucking Songs No More 0:12

that`s why we love Van :-)

artwork included !

This is volume 1
if you know more outbursts of Van or other funny spoken
words taped, please let me know, i`ll make volume 2 as well.

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