Van Morrison, Bottom Line, November 1, 1978 FM
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Description Years ago, when I first joined DIME, I uploaded this and it exploded over the net and became the most downloaded show on DIME for quite some time.
This is my original recording made on my Pioneer equipment. I lived in Queens at the time and had a roof antenna on my house, so I picked up the signal at max strength. I had some trouble with the tape squeaking and ended up baking it in the oven as per instructions from some of the veterans here. That fixed it.
It's an excellent recording and was the source for plenty of different versions that float around the net. But, this is the original. Back in the day, I used to leave in the DJ intro and Outro comments just to place the setting in historical context. I did that here, so if you wish to skip that, then just don't burn those tracks.

This is Van the Man at the tiny Bottom Line Club in NYC. It's a dynamite set list with a killer band. I doubt that there is a better Morrison show circulating today.
One note. This is the complete Late Show. The King Biscuit people recorded the early show and that floats around on the various trading sites.
If you could own only one Van Morrison show then this would be it.

01. Dj Intro
02. Moondance (Intro By Bill Graham)
03. Wavelength
04. Into The Mystic
05. Checkin It Out
06. Hungry For Your Love
07. Brown Eyed Girl
08. Crazy Love
09. Kingdom Hall
10. Tupelo Honey

Disc 2

01. Natalia
02. Help Me
03. Wild Night
04. Joyous Sound
05. Dj Comments
06. Caravan
07. Cypress Avenue
08. Dj Outro

Brought To You By The Nevinsrip Basement Tapes.

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There is ART out there, because I have it on my copy of the CDs.
I have no idea who made it or where to find it now.