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ARTIST Van Morrison
TITLE Bottom Line In NYC 78 Complete and Upgraded
VENUE The bottom Line
CITY New York
DATE November 01, 1978

4-Eyed Freak remastering
01 - Moondance (4:29)
02 - Wavelength (6:18)
03 - Into The Mystic (4:48)
04 - Checkin'It Out (3:36)
05 - Brown Eyed Girl (3:48)
06 - Kingdom Hall (5:48)
07 - Hungry For Your Love (4:09)
08 - Natalia (4:09)
09 - Tupelo Honey (7:23)
10 - Wild Night (5:23)
11 - Caravan (7:42)
BONUS TRACKS Saturday Night Live 04 Nov 1978 :
12 - Wavelength (5:20)
13 - Kingdome Hall (4:02)

Total Time 1:06:59

01 - Moondance (4:38)
02 - Wavelength (6:17)
03 - Into The Mystic (4:53)
04 - Checkin' It Out (3:19)
05 - Hungry For Your Love (3:54)
06 - Brown Eyed Girl (3:48)
07 - Crazy Love(KK) (3:50)
08 - Kingdom Hall (5:20)
09 - Tupelo Honey (6:05)
10 - Natalia (4:15)
11 - Help Me (7:48)
12 - Wild Night (5:18)
13 - Joyous Sound (3:06)
14 - Caravan (7:59)
15 - Cyprus Avenue (9:09)

Total Time 1:19:48
LineUp :
Van Morrison : Vocals
Herbie Armstrong : guitar
Peter Bardens : keyboards
Mickey Feat : bass
Bobby Tench : guitar
Peter Van Hooke : drums
Katie Kissoon : backing vocals, lead vocal on "Crazy Love"
Anna Peacock : backing vocals

Disc 1 :
Broadcast > ? > CDR (vine) > EAC (secure mode, offset corrected) > Digital remastering and retracking (Soundforge) > Sector Boundary correction (SHNTools) > FLAC (FLAC Frontend level 8)
disc 2 :
Broadcast > MASTER TAPE > SONY RCD W500C > EAC > WAV > FLAC > Nevinsrip's torrent > WAV >Digital remastering and retracking (Soundforge) > Sector Boundary correction (SHNTools) > FLAC (FLAC Frontend level 8)


The Four-Eyed Freak proudly presents :
Van Morrison - Bottom Line In NYC 78 - Flawless, Complete and Upgraded

Many different version of this boot are circulating. The ones i used for this complete set was the best i found :
The source for the Early show is a "complete" (early and late shows) double CD set i received as a vine circulating on Vantrade.
I first worked on both the early and late shows from this vine, and was ready to upload my torrent, when Nevinsrip uploaded another version of the late show. I downloaded it and found out that, though its sound was rather muffled, it happened to be a better source for a "remaster" ; it probably came through a low number of analog generation, and was "raw" enough, when the vine source suffers from a rather exagerate equalisation, Van's voice sounding lass natural, somehow into-the-box (this is a personal opinion and you may prefer the "vined" version). So i started again the whole job for the late show, one of the reason why it took me such a long time since i promessed it. Thanks to the guys who PMed me many times, and gave me encouragements !

The title ot this torrent has to be explained.

Flawless : None of the version from this shows i ever heared were absolutly clean, i always had to complain about many diginoises. I can't be absolutly affirmative but i wouldn't be surprised to find them on the source silver CDs, and further on any version circulating.
The late show recently torrented has also big noises in some tracks, resulting in some awfull scratches.
As usual, i repaired all the files redrawing some samples at each flaw i could find. 100% hand-made work, no general filter applyed.

Complete : For the very first time, you'll find here the real complete early and late shows. I reintroduced the "Tupelo Honey" that Van played in the early show. As far as i know, no circulating bootled have it ! This unique track comes from a rare radio broadcast of the early show, recorded on a tape and unearthed more than 20 years later that was torrented on a defunct tracker about one year ago, thanks to whoever offered it. The sound quality of this track is of course very different from the other ones, but i did my best to correct it so it sounds similar to the rest as close as possible.

Upgraded : I performed some correction on this boot in order to enhance its sound quality. I didn't modify a lot the early show, i just tryed to give it some more "presence". The late show is much more "remastered" (sorry Bert, i don't know other term to tell it ;-) ).
The now usual "before and after" mp3 snippets will let you hear the difference. Another snippet will also let you hear the difference between that version of the late show and the one in the 2 CD set usualy circulating on Vantrades.

I hope nobody will be shocked by this work, though i know that some nitpickers will pretend that working on CDR sourced files, even from a vine, was bullshit, and that i should have prostituate myself in order to obtain the genuine pre-FM reel tapes. I tryed, sir, i tryed. But the radio director told me that he had no sexual attraction for the four-eyed freaks.

Many thanks to Nevinsrip for his torrent and to Harm for his precious testing work and advices on the sound as well as the artwork.
Please TRADE FREELY on the lists. These flac files decode to the original wav files. For preservation of quality, please share the same way.


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