Van Morrison
Essen, Germany
April 4th, 1982
(Sunday Night) > See notes on date below

Rockpalast Classics Vol. 4

Source: FM Broadcast on a Revox Tuner

Lineage: FM > Revox Tuner > Revox Reel Master

Transferr: Revox Reel Master > Studer 807 > Nakamichi HiCom II > Terratec EWX 24/96 Soundcard > 24 Bit Wav > DVD-R > Wavelab(remastered on 24 bit wav) > Apogee UV22HR PlugIn (dithered to 16 bit/44.1KHz) > SHN

A Wolf Remaster (see notes below)

01. Go To The Place In Your Mind [lead vocals by John Allair]
02. Into The Mystic
03. Moondance
04. Wavelength
05. Full Force Gale
06. Bright Side Of The Road
07. It's All In The Game >
You Know What They're Writing About
08. She Gives Me Religion
09. Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
10. Vanlose Stairway
11. Help Me
12. Love To You [lead vocals by Bianca Thornton backing vocals Pee Wee Ellis]
13. Celtic Ray
14. Dweller On The Treshold
15. Satisfied
16. Cleaning Windows
17. Summertime In England [with Pee Wee Ellis helping on vocals] > Band Intros
18. Scandinavia*

* - Van on Piano

Band Members:
Van Morrison - guitar, piano & vocals
Pee Wee Ellis - tenor saxaphone & backing vocals
Mark Isham - trumpet & synthesizer
John Allair - organ & lead and backing vocals
David Hayes - bass
Peter Van Hooke - drums
Tom Dollinger - drums
Chris Michie - lead & rhythm guitar
Pauline Lozano - backing vocals
Bianca Thornton - lead & backing vocals
Annie Stocking - backing vocals
Sean Fulsom (was not introduced in band intros) - pipes on "Northern Muse" and "Celtic Ray"

Date and Program Notes: Rolf Wolf

Televised as a Rockpalast Special:
The correct date for the Van Morrison show is Sunday April 4th, 1982.
The Rockpalast Night - where this show was taken from started on April 3rd around 11:00 pm with Rick James.
Van Morrison played the 2nd Set and this was around 1:00 am on April 4th, 1982.
Therefore the date of the actual show started on April 3rd (in the late evening) and ended on April 4th, the late show,
(in the early morning).

The broadcast date was the following evening April 4th, 1982.
Most of the Rockpalast shows are broadcast the date following the actual show.
Hence the show was played over the 3rd and 4th of April 1982.
It was broadcast live across Europe on April 4th, 1982 later that evening.
This is why this show sometimes circulates as April 3rd , 1982.

Rolf Wolf's Remaster Notes:
My friend Manfred startet in the end of the last year to transfer some of his old analog Rockpalast Recordings on hard disc.
He used for the transfer a Professional Studer 807,
Nakamichi HiCom II and a Terratec EWX 24/96 Soundcard for A/D Converting in Very High 24bit Quality.
He Burned this (very big) 24bit WAV on a DVD-R and sent it to me.

So we had made all the digital steps in 24 Bit and Dithering only One Time in 16bit.
My part was a (small part), Sound Optimizing, Fade Ins/Outs, to Fixed Trackmarker and Dithering in 16bit/44.1KHz.
Software of cource the good old WavLab and for Dithering the Apogee UV22HR PlugIn.

This Van Morrison show was recorded from FM with a Revox Reel and a Revox Tuner in April of 1982.
The Sound Quality is Very Good.
This show is one of my Favorite Van Morrison Shows of all Time.

Especially "Summertime In England" is in my opinion the Best Version I've ever heard.
I had this show a few years ago Remastered.
But by this time Manfred had now made much better Anaglog Equipment,
and so we had to try to make a better Sound Quality in 24 Bit, (Glad we Did)

This was Recorded and Remastered in the Orignal 24 bit wav.
When all was done - it was at the end of the process (the last step).
Then it was Dithered to 16 Bit and Compressed to SHN, ready to share.
So this will Burn to Disc properly with No Problems if you want it to.

Rolf Wolf: ALSO NOTE
These SHN files DO NOT have all the loud pops on track 15 between the 1:00 minute thru 2:00 minute mark.
These are present on all other Van Morrison Essen, April 4th, 1982 Bootlegs that circulate.

This show is also known to circulate in other Bootleg versions such as
"Live In Essen" by Golden Stars (GSCD-1105, released 1990)
"Can You Feel The Silence" by Great Dane (GDR 8919)

There is only one Rolf Wolf Remaster from the Original SHN Files:
Van Morrison - Grugahalle Essen, Germany April 4th , 1982
1982 Rockpalast Classics Volume 4 (Manfred Analog to Digital)
Wolf Hi-Quality Remastering Label

FreeMorrison Notes:
Give Thanks To The Taper - Manfred for Capturing this FM Broadcast many years ago on his Revox Tuner.
In doing so Manfed has enabled decades of Van Morrison fans to enjoy music that would have been otherwise
lost forever into the thin air.

Give special thanks to Rolf Wolf for all his hours of work, compiling and editing these recordings,
until he had the perfect SHN FILES found here.
And Much Respect for sharing copies of his Original SHN Files with us.

Included: Original MD5, Original Art Works, and Rolf Wolf's Original Uploader's Text.

As the files are 30 years old - I checked the Sector Boundaries with Trader's Little Helper,
No Errors were Found, All files are cut on their Sector Bondaries.

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