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Audience taping

Many thanks to the taper-who does not want to be identified


Reworked from a first generation analog tape


Artwork included-thanks to HB

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Van Morrison Gaiety Theatre Dublin, Ireland October 30, 1982

Disc 1
01-Grandpa Loves You Anyways(BT)
02-Go To The High Place In Your Mind(JA)
03-Into The Mystic
04-Dweller On The Threshold
05-It's All In The Game
06-She Gives Me Religion
07-Vanlose Stairway
08-Cleaning Windows

Disc 2
01-Bright Side Of The Road
02-Haunts Of Ancient Peace
03-Full Force Gale
04-Beautiful Vision
05-Help Me
07-Northern Muse-Solid Ground
08-Summertime In England
09-Aryan Mist

Lineup: John Allair(JA) - organ, Tom Donlinger - drums, Pee Wee Ellis - saxophones,
David Hayes - bass, Mark Isham - trumpet, Pauline Lozano - backing vocals,
Chris Michie - guitar, Annie Stocking - backing vocals,
Bianca Thornton(BT) - backing vocals, Peter Van Hooke - drums

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