Barton Town Hall
Adelaide, Australia

Here's another great show from Van 80's. Beware, though, of sound. It,s
audience, and a lot of audience too. It's not high fidelity, rather low fi.
Still quite enjoyable. A great concert.

There's an obscurity with this one. Received it in a trade several years
ago. Tracks does not match with selist completely ( and not
with artwork on John Donne ( The trader stated it is this
show, and I searched through setlists for all 84's and 85's and there's
no other match. I don't think Van had the medley of old hits (cd 1, track 2)
any other years. Is there anyone who's got some other suggests? I believe
this is the complete tape from Adelaide, and selist is incomplete.

Inarticulate speech of the heart no 1
Inarticulate speech of the heart no 2 - Baby please don't go - Gloria -
Here comes the night - Brown eyed girl
Jackie Wilson said
I will be there
St Dominic's preview
It's all in the game
Northern muse (Solid ground)
Vanlose stairway

Help me
Hard nose the highway
Dweller on the threshold
Beautiful vision
Tore down a la Rimbaud
Sense of wonder
Cleaning windows
Ancient of days
Summertime in England
Full force gale
Bright side of the road

Van Morrison vo
Richie Buckley sax
Kenny Craddock keyb
Martin Drover tp
Arty McGlynn g
Terry Popple d
Jerome Rimson b