Van Morrison
Duesseldorf, Germany
25. September 1986

minimax-master-series #072

equipment: aiwa-cassette-walkman - unknown extern stereo-mikrophone - TDK-SA C90-cassettes

ticket-costs: 28,00 DM
taping-location: have no idea any more whether I was standing or sitting that evening or where
I was standing or sitting in that hall.
As recordings from Van Morrison weren't allowed on this site for a long time I didn't transfer it
until now. There was (and still is) another recording from this show on the tracker from a vinyl-
bootleg, maybe once made from my master up here. It's up to you to compare it.
I have no memory at all that I once swopped my recording from this evening so it all can be possible
that someone made a boot from it.

sound-quality: excellent - (just listening to this after more than twenty years it still sounds great!!)

setlist: -unconfirmed-
(I took the setlist from the torrent seeded by Jacktomthumb before!! thanks for it!!)
ah, hate those bands when they play those long tracks including several titles!! -see track 3!!
cuts are due to tape-flip after song 11 on disc A and 01 on Disc B and right before the first encore
and in the middle of the audience-track (frenetic audience, but they didn't succeed in getting Van
back one more time!!)

01 Moondance
02 Celtic Swing
03 Northern Muse(Solid Ground)/Cry for Home/
She Gives Me Religion
04 Tore Down a la Rimbaud -or- Vanlose Stairway
05 Beautiful Vision
06 Domino
07 I Will Be There
08 Cleaning Windows
09 You Don't Know Me
10 Dweller On The Threshold
11 Oh The Warm Feeling

01 Here Comes The Knight
02 Help Me
03 A Sense of Wonder
04 And The Healing Has Begun
05 Gloria
06 In The Garden
07 Summertime In England
08 Bright Side of The Road
09 Full Force Gale
10 Rave On John Donne
11 audience (incl. rough cut!)

Jerome Rinson - bass
Arty McGlynn - guitar
Ray Jones - drums
Richie Buckley - sax
Martin Drover - trumpet
Neil Drinkwater - keyboards
Helen Bradley - backing vocals
June Boyce - backing vocals
Van Morrison - vocals, guitar, sax (unconfirmed)

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