Van Morrison 1989-03-05 New York, NY
Van Morrison
The Beacon Theater, New York, NY

Vox Humana "New York Concert for Human Rights"
with the Danish Radio Big Band

01 A New Kind Of Man
-- 00 Celtic Swing --<cut>
-- 00 Got To Go Back --<cut>
02 <cut> Haunts Of Ancient Peace
03 Here Comes The Knight
04 I Will Be There
05 Listen To The Lion
06 Vanlose Stairway

1st Gen 2 Nakamichi 700s and Sony TC-D5m Cassette Master > WAV > FLAC

My friend borrowed the taping equipment and missed a couple songs.

This is not "Van Morrison, The Concert (Recorded at the Beacon Theater)" which was a commercial VHS release recorded at the November 30, 1989 show at the Beacon Theater.