VAN MORRISON - 1989-06-18 Goffertpark, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Goffertpark, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1989-06-18

01. Yeh Yeh - Georgie Fame
02. Did Ye Get Healed?
03. Whenever God Shines His Light
04. Cleaning Windows
05. I'd Love To Write Another Song
06. It's All In The Game / Make It Real One More Time
07. Orangefield
08. Tore Down A La Rimbaud
09. I Will Be There
10. Full Force Gale
11. When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God
12. Help Me
13. Northern Muse (Solid Ground) / When Heart Is Open
14. Caravan
15. Summertime In England / The Lord's Prayer

Van Morrison
Ritchie Buckley
Dave Early
Georgie Fame
Steve Gregory
Bernie Holland
Neil Drinkwater
Brian Odgers

SOURCE: Audience
LINEAGE: unknown gen type-II cassette tape > CD-R > EAC wav (hard drive) > Trader's Little Helper flac level 8 & torrent > Dime

A very nice audience recording that I'd grade B+ in sound quality, though it could use some audio restoration to notch it up. This was transferred from a tape that I received in trade @1997. From the very light tape hiss heard I would guess it to be from a very low generation tape. The speed seems slightly fast to my ears. This IS NOT the �reworked� version.

Check the sample below.