VAN MORRISON - 1990-06-16 Zeitkultur Am Hafen, Posthof, Linz, Austria

Zeitkultur Am Hafen, Posthof, Linz, Austria, 1990-06-16

LACKING: Yeh Yeh - Georgie Fame
01. Gloria
02. Brown Eyed Girl
03. Baby Please Don't Go
04. Domino / Midnight Hour
05. Here Comes The Night
06. Jackie Wilson Said
07. Warm Love
08. And It Stoned Me
09. Did Ye Get Healed?
10. Sweet Thing
11. Just Like A Woman
12. Whenever God Shines His Light
13. Orangefield
14. Tore Down A La Rimbaud
15. Have I Told You Lately
16. Star Of The County Down
17. Northern Muse (Solid Ground) / When Heart Is Open
18. Full Force Gale
19. Summertime In England
20. Vanlose Stairway / Trans Euro Train
21. In The Garden
22. Caravan

Van Morrison
Georgie Fame
Ritchie Buckley
Dave Early
Steve Gregory
Bernie Holland
Neil Drinkwater
Brian Odgers
Haji Ahkba

01. Gloria.flac:7031ab53f64eed16d13de320ccb4bd62
02. Brown Eyed Girl.flac:e8374d5780fb75b8cf0f482e23fa243b
03. Baby Please Don't Go.flac:382e8b98f76c1bf46f8822a5970fcd82
04. Domino + Midnight Hour.flac:51e9685415c27416a605ba470b9d4f0e
05. Here Comes The Night.flac:b68b1af5c57308228f7f4591b842105d
06. Jackie Wilson Said.flac:942be3fcba7acc7eef7fb5da2d08d193
07. Warm Love.flac:a6cf2ae80f34899445217fadd47b746b
08. And It Stoned Me.flac:ef5343f58e2c83d6f9f3bdd6ea79a97d
09. Did Ye Get Healed.flac:7219668743adc11166b2c4e5c5ae5ddf
10. Sweet Thing.flac:a04b71d223f016096c3018de17cfddb9
11. Just Like A Woman.flac:319ae19978c6b715a21682e711940806
12. Whenever God Shines His Light.flac:ed35103cd5b62cff093f56241c21d777
13. Orangefield.flac:904d4c5f46231b276f61fbfaabfc6265
14. Tore Down A La Rimbaud.flac:296d8d2d0c514dcf904fdfc5260c2761
15. Have I Told You Lately.flac:d7e933bb5cd95198c4a467877bf0844f
16. Star Of The County Down.flac:60acfe20af50befb4e9c0e90724298e0
17. Northern Muse (Solid Ground) + When Heart Is Open.flac:e800f54d5a3b76a2c3c0b6e66f9d1094
18. Full Force Gale.flac:de2884bfd824405bcfe2468bd2d49012
19. Summertime In England.flac:af6667c069d39d1eb2d5f58d786064a8
20. Vanlose Stairway + Trans Euro Train.flac:08604f9631ada927514630ce53560be2
21. In The Garden.flac:95fea681bd67fb984f1d5bcce63ba137
22. Caravan.flac:04f23ef1223d9272bd23f24b98758a5a

SOURCE: Audience
LINEAGE: unknown lineage > CD-R (trade) > EAC wav > Trader's Little Helper flac level 8 & torrent > Dime

An excellent sounding audience recording that I'd grade a B+ or A- in sound quality.

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