Waldbühne, Berlin
27. June 1991

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Setlist :

01. I Love The Life I Live (Georgie Fame) [2:57]
02. Did Ye Get Healed [4:01]
03. See Me Through [6:41]
04. Enlightenment [3:10]
05. Youth Of 1000 Summers [3:33]
06. It`s All In The Game / Make It Real One More Time [4:48]
07. Help Me [3:00]
08. Some Peace Of Mind [4:45]
09. Why Must I Always Explain [3:38]
10. Vanlose Stairway / Trans Euro Train [6:39]
11. Cleaning Windows [4:32]
12. Sweet Thing [8:24]
13. Send In The Clowns [4:08]
14. Summertime In England [9:12]

Musicians :

Van Morrison - vocals, guitar, alto saxophone, harmonica
Georgie Fame - hammond organ, vocals
Haji Ahkba - trumpet, flugelhorn
Richie Buckley - tenor saxophone
Howard Francis - piano
Steve Gregory - saxophone, flute
Ronnie Johnson - guitar
Nicky Scott - bass
Dave Early - drums

Review (by Birgit Schulz, Berlin) and artwork on
give “Deutschlandhalle” as the place of the show.
But this wasn’t an indoor event, and VTM wasn’t the main act.
On that night, Van Morrison played support act for Paul Simon (“Rhythm of the Saints” tour)
at the WALDBUEHNE - a huge open-air arena with gruesome acoustics (even at good times)
and always happy crowds.
Even on the day of the event the beginning was announced for 20:00 hrs,
but the actual beginning was 19:00 hrs. (does this sound familiar?).
It meant that people just started coming to the show when the gig was almost over.
Considering this it’s a small wonder that Van played extremely well
and in a fairly good mood.
But he was rushed by others: even before starting an encore,
stagehands would take away the musical instruments.
Cold, wet evening, one reviewer didn’t make it in time
for the support act (but finished his article: “Everybody said that Van Morrison
had been great. That’s to do with the weather:
only when it’s raining those Irishmen can perform to their best.”) - Birgit Schultz

Add info : and now also gives the correct venue,
also on john-donne is correct and new created artwork available.

Enjoy this rainy event, you can hear during some songs
the raindrops falling on the umbrellas ;-)

thanks to the unknown taper and bellybuilder for remastering in 2006 !


a.k.a. NaughtyKnight/Simplex

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