Van Morrison
Belgium Rhythm & Blues Festival
Peer, Belgium

L1 Radio, Hubert On The Air, 2017-01-30 (rebroadcast)

Digital cable (Ziggo) > Pace DCR7111 digital out > Asus Xonar D2 s/pdif (coaxial) in @ 24/48 > Magix ACL 16/44.1 > TLH flac 8

A short translation of the Intro:
Hubert was at the Belgium Rhythm & Blues Festival to announce the bands and to make recordings for L1 Radio. Van Morrison didn�t agree with recording his show. Hubert had to shut down the radio-van in front of the manager of Van Morrison. Later on a technician put a dat-recorder in the cable box of the radio-van. In this way the show was recorded unmixed on a 2 track dat-recorder.

Complete broadcast, but only a selection of the complete recording.


01 Intro DJ
02 Youth of 1000 Summers
03 See Me Through
04 I'm Not Feeling It Anymore
05 Sweet Thing
06 Vanlose Stairway > Trans-Euro Train
07 Full Force Gale
08 Outro DJ

Running time: 35:41

Musicians (

Haji Ahkba - flugelhorn & trumpet
Richie Buckley - saxophone
Dave Early - drums
Georgie Fame - keyboards
Howard Francis - keyboards
Steve Gregory - saxophone
Ronnie Johnson - guitar
Nicky Scott - bass

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