6 OCTOBER 1991
1h 37m
:So Complicated
:Did Ye Get Healed? >
:It's All In The Game >
Make It Real One More Time
:I Forgot That Love Existed
:See Me Through >
One Day At A Time >
This Ain�t The Real World
:I'm Not Feeling It Anymore
:Some Peace Of Mind
:Ordinary Life
:Why Must I Always Explain?
:Allow Me > Mama Don't Allow
:Moondance >
:All Saints Day
:So Quiet In Here >
That's Where It's At
:Twistin' The Night Away
:A Town Called Paradise
:Whenever God Shines His Light
:Professional Jealousy
:Haunts Of Ancient Peace >
It's Too Late To Stop Now >
No Prima Donna

Van Morrison : lead vocals, guitars, alto saxophone, harmonicas
The Van Morrison Band : Ronnie Johnson : guitar, MD & MC; Teena Lyle : vibes, congas, recorder, percussion, vocals; John Miller : keyboards; Paul Robinson : drums; Kate St. John : alto & tenor saxophones, cor anglais, oboe, vocals; Nicky Scott : bass, vocals

Received on 2 CDRs from Graf Ritmo who transcribed his complete cassettes.
To hard drive with EAC. Edited for continuous flow in Adobe Audition : edited at beginning and end. Cassette turnovers and consequent edits audible at 41m, 1h 24m. There is some distortion on both channels on the end of Twistin� The Night Away, and the first minute of A Town Called Paradise had a faulty left channel. This has been mirrored with the right channel to create a mono track at the start of the song.
Normalised and nothing else. Flacced with TLH to level 6
This is the sixth recording to be sent to dime from a series I�ve called The Lost Welsh Masters. Practically every Van show in and around Wales from the 80s onwards was recorded by one diligent taper, Graf Ritmo. Many have never been circulated � this is one of them.
This show is listed at vanomatic as the 3rd October. However Graf wrote the date at the time on his tapes and is sure it�s the 6th . Many of these King�s shows were last minute word-of-mouth affairs and no tickets were printed. We await to be contradicted.
Enjoy the glorious See Me Through which Van dedicates at the end �to everybody at Real World� � Pete Gabriel�s studios in Box.