Van Morrison
25 Sep 1992
Symphony Hall - Birmingham, England

Good audience recording, exact lineage unknown.
New transfer, mastering, editing, from first generation tape: June 2005.

Caveat: "Whenever God Shines His Light" is missing on source tape. Only a 18 sec snippet was recorded. To get a seamless show we cut this part. It's placed at the end of disc two as a "bonus track".
So you have three possibilities to burn the CD:
For completitst: replace the snippet between track 6 and 7. so you'll get it like it was on the source tape, no notes missing.
For pure audio freaks: leave the snippet out in the burning process.
All others: burn it like it is ;)

1 Ordinary Life
2 I'm Not Feeling It Anymore
3 Some Peace Of Mind
4 Why Must I Always Explain
5 See Me Through > Soldier of Fortune
6 Cleaning Windows > Be Bop A Lula
7 Vanlose Stairway > Trans-Euro Train
8 Youth Of 1000 Summers
9 So Quiet In Here > That's Where It's At
10 Northern Muse (Solid Ground) > No Prima Donna

1 A Town Called Paradise
2 Did Ye Get Healed
3 It's All In The Game > Make It Real One More Time
4 Moondance
5 Enlightenment
6 In The Garden > Daring Night
[missing: Whenever God Shines His Light, cut snippet: bonus track 8]
7 Gloria (cut start)

The VM Band:
Ronnie Johnson
Nicky Scott
Teena Lyle
Jonn Savannah
Geoff Dunn
Kate St. John
Don Snow
Trade it, weed it, vine it. But never sell it or compress to lossy

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