Van Morrison
Masonic Mysteries
December 16, 1992
Masonic Auditorium
San Francisco CA


1. Ordinary Life (3:14)
2. I'm Not Feeling It Anymore (6:16)
3. Why Must I Always Explain (3:19)
4. See Me Through / Soldier Of Fortune (7:47)
5. Tore Down A La Rimbaud (3:17)
6. Haunts Of Ancient Peace (7:41)
7. All Saints Day (2:25)
8. Sweet Thing (8:56)
9. Youth Of A Thousand Summers (4:08)
10. So Quiet In Here / That's Where It's At (4:42)
11. A Town Called Paradise (7:23)
12. Did Ye Get Healed? (4:19)
13. It's All In The Game / Make It Real One More Time (6:51)


1. Lonely Avenue (7:51)
2. Cleaning Windows (3:45)
3. Vanlose Stairway (7:21)
4. Moondance / My Funny Valentine (11:14)
5. Gloria (5:55)
6. Route 66 (6:20)
7. It's All Over Now Baby Blue (4:11)
8. In The Garden / Daring Night (8:41)
9. What'd I Say (6:25)
10. Northern Muse (Solid Ground) / No Prima Donna (4:40)

Van Morrison: vocals, guitar, alto sax, harmonica
Teena Lyle: percussion, backing vocals
Geoff Dunn: drums
John Savannah: keyboards
Ronnie Johnson: guitar
Nicky Scott: bass, backup vocals
Kate St. John: alto & tenor sax, oboe, backup vocals
JB Horns:(Maceo Park, Pee Wee Ellis, & Fred Wesley)

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