VAN MORRISON - Hammersmith Odeon, London March 23rd 1993 "JTT Master"

Van Morrison
Hammersmith Odeon
March 23rd 1993

Source: Sony ECM-909 > Sony WMD-6C (Maxell SX11 C120/Dolby B) > Akai GX-95 (Playback, Dolby B) >
Soundforge 8 (Track Marks, Joins) > FLAC Level 6 Align on sector bounderies

As with all my transfers/torrents NO Normalisation or other alterations have been made
to the sound unless stated.

Recorded, Mastered & Artwork by JTT, April 2007

Disc One
01. One, Two Brown Eyes (vocal - Bap Kennedy)
02. I'm Not Feeling it Anymore
03. Why Must I Always Explain
04. See Me Through > Soldier of Fortune
05. Domino
06. Wavelength
07. Tore Down a la Rimbaud
08. Vanlose Stairway > Trans-Euro Train
09. Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
10. Moondance > My Funny Valentine

Disc Two
01. A Town Called Paradise
02. Did Ye Get Healed
03. It's All in the Game > Make It Real One More Time
04. Lonely Avenue
05. Brown Eyed Girl
06. In the Garden > Daring Night
07. What'd I Say
08. Gloria (with Bap Kennedy)
09. It's All Over Now Baby Blue

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