Van Morrison
Corn Exchange, Cambridge
April 15 1995

1. Symphony Sid
2. You Make Me Feel So Free
3. Did Ye Get Healed?
4. It's All In The Game > Make It Real One More Time
5. Whenever God Shines His Light
6. I Believe To My Soul
7. See Me Through > Ancient Highway > Thank You(Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)
8. Raincheck
9. Hungry For Your Love
10. Days Like This
11. Ain't That Loving You Baby
12. Stormy Monday > Jelly Jelly Jelly > Baby What You Want Me To Do
13. Help Me
14. Tupelo Honey > Why Must I Always Explain?

1. Vanlose Stairway
2. Moondance
3. Crowd
4. I'll Take Care Of You > It's Hustle Time > It's A Man's World > When The Clock Strikes
5. Crowd
6. Melancholia
7. In The Garden > Daring Night > Real Real Gone > You Send Me > Bring It On Home
8. Crowd
9. Gloria
10. Outro

Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony TCD-D3
Transferred to .wav on a Phillips CDR deck (model unknown)
.wav files converted to FLAC8 via Trader's Little Helper

An EBR Recording