Van Morrison
North Sea Jazz Festival

Pre-FM recording

I've found this one years ago on a blog-site. Don't remember wich one.

This torrent contains two dics.

Disc 1 had sbe's (they are fixed now) and no ffp-file (I created one).
Disc 2 seems to be original, the ffp checksums match, so I give it to you as I recieved it.
Both discs are tested with Flactester, Audiochecker and Eac (spectral view and frequency analyis).
Added info from:
Artwork is included.

Disc one:

01 I'm Not Feeling It Anymore (9:27)
02 Raincheck (5:22)
03 Summertime In England (7:28)
04 Satisfied (5:52)
05 How Long Has This Been Going On? (4:27)
06 See Me Through / Soldier of Fortune / Thank You (8::06)
07 Tupelo Honey / Why Must I Always Explain (9:07)

Total time: (49:54)

Disc two:

01 Vanlose Stairway / Trans-Euro Train (6:45)
02 Whenever God Shines His Light (3:41)
03 The Healing Game (6:05)
04 It's A Man's World (15:29)

Total time: (32:03)

Van Morrison: Lead vocals, harmonica
Pee Wee Ellis - flute, saxophone
Georgie Fame - Hammond organ, vocals
Haji Ahkba - flugelhorn, trumpet
Brian Kennedy - vocals
Robin Aspland - piano
Alec Dankworth - bass
Geoff Dunn - drums
Leo Green - saxophone
Matt Holland - trumpet
Ralph Salmins - drums
Ronnie Johnson - guitar
Nicky Scott - bass


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