Van Morrison
live in 1997
reported source (see Notes below)
Hay-On-Wye on May 23, 1997
Hereford England
(I hope I got the country right - some say Wales?)
Madman Looking For A Fight (bootleg CD) POP 006 (October 1998)

1 Satisfied (4:14)
2 Fire In The Belly (5:53)
3 I've Been Working / Make It Funky (4:16)
4 In The Afternoon / Shake Rattle & Roll (7:06)
5 Troubadours (4:55)
6 Snow In San Anselmo (4:11)
7 A Change Is Gonna Come (4:13)
8 Cleaning Windows (3:51)
9 Vanlose Stairway / Trans Euro Train (5:12)
10 Summertime In England (7:00)
11 It's A Man's World / Don't Break Down (9:56)
12 See Me Through / Thankyou Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin / Burning Ground (slow version) (11:29)
Total time: (72:16)

Liner notes:
Whilst being no stranger to huge arenas all true Vanoracks know it's the intimate setting that relaxes the great man
and puts him in a mood to experiment, and that balmy May night in front of an attentive audience of 500 saw two classic
Van performances featuring seldom heard classics such as Snow In San Anselmo, Troubadors, and a stunning rendition
of A Change Is Gonna Come, a funked up version of I've Been Working and a total re-arrangement of The Burning Ground.
So Listen up while Van makes it funky.

from the wonderful website:
Reported to be a CD compilation from the two sets Van performed in Hay-On-Wye on May 23, 1997.

Review by Jon Strand:
The mix is so average on the first number, "Satisfied," that I was disappointed (Average: Muddied.) It gradually improves. The CD really takes off on "Troubadours,"
"Snow In San Anselmo" and "A Change Is Gonna Come" and stays that way through the second to last track. The mix returns to the more muddied sound for the last track...
not bad, really, but on the middle numbers the sound is so good that it could be soundboard, but for the applause at the beginning and end of songs. Van is in great voice,
going from high grace notes to a growl from one line to the next.