Van Morrison
Telewest Arena
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England
June 20, 1998

Source: "Completely reworked from a master generation source. Normalized-deglitched and retracked. Unfortunately on Disc 2 there is some minor distortion at the crescendo of some of the songs which could not be eliminated. I have also included a bonus song on "Disc2007-Bonus.flac" (another version of Cyprus Avenue). This is the only complete version of this concert in circulation.So when burning you can just eliminate te track labeled "Disc2007-Bonus.flac" if you just want the concert in it's entirety from one source. I just included the other version of Cyprus because it's such a great song and he performs it so rarely."

CD 1:
01. Days Like This
02. It Once Was My Life
03. Raincheck
04. Crazy Jane On God
05. Drumshanbo Hustle
06. Cleaning Windows
07. Vanlose Stairway
08. Sometimes We Cry
09. For Mr Thomas
10. That's Life
11. Satisfied.

CD 2:
01. Tupelo Honey-Why Must I Always Explain
02. Summertime In England
03. Whenever God Shines His Light
04. Moondance
05. See Me Through-Soldier Of Fortune-Burning Ground
06. Cyprus Avenue

Total time = 95:23

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