Van Morrison
A Van-L CD-R Tree Production
Satisfied In Olde York
The Barbican Centre, York
United Kingdom, November 7, 1998

Source: Audience
Lineage: Tree Audio CDR's -> EAC (secure/offset correct) -> WAV -> TLH - FLAC Level 8


01. Rough God Goes Riding
02. Real Real Gone
03 Satisfied
04. Ain't that Loving You baby
05. In the Afternoon/Joe Turner Sings
06. Cleaning Windows
07. Vanlose Stairway/trans Euro Train
08. Help me
09. For Mr Thomas
10. A Change is Gonna Come

01. Summertime in England
02. Just Like a Woman
03. Wonderful Remark
04. That's Life
05. Raincheck(audience request)
06. See me Through/Soldier of Fortune/Thank you faletinme be mice elf agin/Burning Ground
07. Have I told you Lately

Musician credits:
Van Morrison: lead vocals
Nicky Scott: bass, backing vocals
Johnny Scott: guitar, lead and backing vocals
John Savanah: keyboards, lead and backing vocals
Liam Bradley: drums, percussion, lead and backing vocals
Pee Wee Ellis: baritone, soprano, tenor saxophones, flute, lead and backing vocals
Matt Holland: trumpet, flugelhorn, backing vocals

Administration & Liners:
Tree administration for this tree was by the indefatigable Linda Beatty! Richard Batey was kind enough to custom design some great jewel-case liners for this show.

Concert review by Van-L member Gerry Smith:
Van's Saturday show in York was one of the best we (wife Anne and I)'ve seen. Ever. Friday's show was good, if a trifle workmanlike. Tonight's was inspired. Van speaking in tongues again, a conduit for some higher being.

We knew from the way the band and the main man walked on stage: jaunty swagger replacing yesterday's shuffle. The first verse of the first song confirmed it: Van scatting as if his life depended on it.

We've probably never seen a show take off so quickly. Tonight, Van had a point to prove. Maybe he'd been shaken by a disgracefully negative review of Friday's gig in the local York paper (song selection "arrogant, repetitive and self-indulgent"..."stage presence of a microphone stand"), written by an expert who claims to be a 20 year member of the Van club, "without ever having seen him live".

Come again? In England, where you can see a Van gig about once a month: a "fan" who's chosen to miss 250 gigs?

Maybe the crowd had also read the bile and were keen to prevent a repetition, for they were excellent: respectful, like last night's, but more demonstratively appreciative. Whatever the motivation, everybody in the Barbican was really up for it tonight, from the off.

Highlights: no point listing 'em. Peaked in track 1 and maintained it.

A few points of interest:

Matt's solo in "Love In the Afternoon" as poignant as ever; the magnificent Joe Turner medley included "Shop She Mop" for the first time(?)
"Vanlose" had me in tears: deeply moving. Kilroy never longer than this version.
"Mr Thomas" had a reference to Sausalito (credit: Naveen)
"Summertime In England" to die for. Longest "Silence" finale ever, slightly marred by a wanker shouting "Van you're the Man" just before the end. I'm sure Van found the information very helpful.
"Just Like A Woman". Stunning version. Sexual meaning emphasised by "she f-f-f-f-fakes like a little girl" and play on word "come". Naughty Van: you were playing to Middle England out on the weekend. Some of the Mothers would be offended.
"See Me Through" added a new reference: You say in France...

Saturday in York was magical. On nights like tonight, nobody, but nobody can touch VTM.

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