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I must confess I have been putting off doing a Best Of 2000 compilation
for quite some time as I thought I would have trouble filling 2 cd's
let alone 5. Well I have finished it and am quite happy with it. I must state
now that this compilation ends on July 6, 2000-the last date with the
Johhny Scott band and the start of the assault to my senses by Linda Gail
Lewis and all that entailed. When I did the Best Of 2001 I included a few
numbers with her in the band-but by that time some of the band proficiency
issues had been sorted out. I don't know when Van had decided to go this
route but 2000 contained a great many uninspired shows-but there are some true
gems in here. At least we still had the horn section-which is a big thing to me.
Another bonus for me was my vast choice of versions of Philosopher's Stone
and It's All In The Game-2 of my favorite songs. Philosopher's Stone was
performed 15 times and Game no less than 32 times in the period before Linda Gail
So we have 3 Philospher's and 4 Game and 3 Man's World tossed in as well
because it also is among my favorites-2 with Farlowe-1 solo

Anyways-comments are always welcome and I hope The Best Of 1999
will not take as long as this one did.



Here Comes The Night done 8 times
Baby Please Don't Go done 11 times
Have I Told You Lately done in Las Vegas and not the Vegas version??
Hard Nose The Highway done 2 times
Give Me A Kiss done 1 time without Linda Gail
Tupelo Honey done 6 times
Fever done 1 time
These Dreams Of You done 1 time without Linda Gail
Philosopher's Stone-one of the longest versions of the year
Northern Muse-Solid Ground-a great version
Tupelo Honey-on here 2 times because it's one of my favorite songs
The Healing Game-a good version
Help Me-a good version
Star Of The County Down done 1 time without Linda Gail
Summertime In England done 1 time without Linda Gail
and only 3 times since!!! I wonder if we'll ever hear it again!!!!!


01-Here Comes The Night-01-29-Las Vegas-Nevada-Early
02-Baby Please Don't Go-01-29-Las Vegas-Nevada-Early
03-Have I Told You Lately-01-29-Las Vegas-Nevada-Late
04-Hard Nose The Highway-01-28-Las Vegas-Nevada
05-Give Me A Kiss-01-28-Las Vegas-Nevada
06-Tupelo Honey-01-28-Las Vegas-Nevada
07-Fever-01-28-Las Vegas-Nevada
08-These Dreams Of You-01-22-Reno-Nevada
09-Philosopher's Stone-01-21-Reno-Nevada
10-Northern Muse-Solid Ground-01-25-LA-California
11-Tupelo Honey-01-25-LA-California
12-The Healing Game-01-25-LA-California
13-Help Me-01-25-LA-California
14-Star Of The County Down-06-02-Galway-Ireland
15-Summertime In England-05-12-Copenhagen-Denmark

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