van Morrison - When Your Hear The Music Ringing In Your Soul

"best" 2002 performances of van Morrison

1. The way young lovers do
2. Slim slow slider
3. Listen to the lion
4. Sweet thing
5. Madame George
6. What would I do
7. Beside you
8. Allow me
9. Streets of Arklow
10. Who was that masked man
11. Foreign windows
12. Allan watts blues
13. I forgot that love existed

1. In the afternoon
2. Hey mr. DJ
3. Somethimes we cry
4. Wonderfull remark
5. Stormey monday
6. Rovin rambler
7. The beauty of the day's gone by
8. I finaly come to realise
9. Only a dream
10. Vanlose stairway
11. She give me religion
12. Goldfish bowl
13. St. James infirmary
14. Now's the time

1. Steel my heart away
2. Tore down a la rimbaud
3. Down the road
4. Don't worry about a thing
5. Fast train
6. In the midnight
7. Georgia on my mind
8. It's all in the game
9. Muleskinner blues
10. Don't worry about a thing
11. Philosopher stone
12. The healing game

I don't know who has made this compilation (Diana ??)
but it'beautiful.

(waiting for 17/18-2-2005)

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