ARTIST Van Morrison
TITLE Poleaxed In Warsaw - Van In Warsaw Complete FM + SBD
VENUE TP Music and film festival, Sala Kongresowa
CITY Warsaw
DATE May 25, 2001

4-Eyed Freak Remastering

Disc One (52:35)
01. Cadillac Baby (3:41)
02. Celtic Swing (4:33)
03. Days Like This (2:55)
04. All Saints Day (3:11)
05. Back On Top (4:00)
06. That's Life (4:15)
07. Cleaning Windows (4:24)
08. Tore Down A La Rimbaud (6:14)
09. Dead Or Alive (3:38)
10. Bright Side Of The Road (4:04)
11. Jackie Wilson Said (3:40)
12. It's All Over Now Baby Blue (4:19)
13. Goin' Down Geneva (2:13) >
14. Brand New Cadillac (1:22)

Disc Two (47:51)
01. One Irish Rover (4:17)
02. If you Only Knew (3:10)
03. Don't Worry About A Thing (3:05)
04. Philosophers Stone (5:23)
05. It Once Was My Life (4:30)
06. Why Must I Always Explain? (3:47)
07. Precious Time (2:59)
08. Star Of The County Down (2:38)
09. Northern Muse (Solid Ground) (7:15)
10. In The Afternoon (10:42)

LineUp :
Van Morrison : Vocals, harp, saxophone
Richard Dunne - Hammond organ, grand piano
Ned Edwards - backing vocals, lead and acoustic guitar, harmonica, violin
Lee Goodall - backing vocals, saxophones, flute, penny whistle, rhythm guitar, percussion
Matt Holland - trumpet, flugelhorn, backing vocals
Pete Hurley - electric bass
Bobby Irwin - drums
Martin Winning - tenor saxophone, clarinet, penny whistle


* d1t01, d1t02 and d2t02: SBD > ? > FLAC > WAV > Remastering and retracking > WAV > FLAC (Level 8)
* Other tracks: analog TV > WAV > FLAC (as originaly distributed)
Additionaly for d1t03, d2t01 and d2t03: > WAV > retracking (merging SBD source) > FLAC (level 8)


In my humble opinion, here is the last BIG Van show, his blaze of glory. Really the end of an era. Though the band later appeared to be one of the worst he played with and is responsible for this awfull 2002-2006 shipwreck, both Van and the musicians were awesome this night. The "No Prima Donna" mantra at the end of "In The Afternoon" sang with this incredible broken voice is my all-time favourite minute in all my Van's collection.

About the release:

The show was broadcasted by TVN Polland. The broadcast didn't feature the whole concert, 3 tracks were left out. But a complete soundboard recording later surfaced.

2 different captures of the broadcast were located: one coming from an analog TV, the other one from digital TV. Those captures are known to be the best sounding Van recordings ever, along with "From Dublin Up to Sandy Row".

Many versions have already been circulating. Among them, the most famous are:

- Vanlose's "Van In Warsaw" http://tinyurl.com/7xwtg, widely distributed as a tree, was unfortunately featuring the digital TV version. It was selected because it was a pure digital recording but as we know now, digital TV signal is lossy, and the FA and SA performed on this boot let no doubt: it's most probably issued from mp2 at a rather low bitrate, there is no frequency above 16kHz.

- The analog TV version was fortunately offered on EZT. The uploader (thank you!!!) who was one of the tree administrators reported: "it was really hard to hear a distinction . The other version was selected because it was a pure digital recording. The show was on tv and the chap took the digital tv signal right to his computer, so it is a DDD. This version is based on an analog signal tv signal, so its an ADD. Someone else can probably better explain this than I. That being said, although we chose to tree the other version, a few of us thought that this version had an intangible that made it worth while. Much like a cd can never capture the sound you get from an LP, there is something in this version that the other lacks, but beauty is in the ear of the beholder."
Obviously, this intangible something is mainly the fact that this ADD version is lossless.

- "First Time In Warsaw" http://tinyurl.com/2vgabg also features the broadcasted part. I don't know which version this one was made with, i suspect it's the analog TV one because of the different tracking at the end of disc 1.

- Euro Boot's "That's Life" bootleg http://tinyurl.com/32j8mx, with its infamous bad pitch.

- The soundboard recording version http://tinyurl.com/34vmdd is the only one featuring the complete concert. Unfortunately, like many soundboard recordings, it has a very dry and unbalanced sound quality. What's more, the sound is mono.

A stereo version of the complete concert maybe exists somewhere: according to Wavelength, Radio 3 Polland broadcasted it on June 9, 2001. Unfortunately, it never surfarced. If someone has it, by all mean contact me!

For this new set, i reworked the soundboard recording so it sounds much closer to the broadcast. I then merged the missing tracks d1t01 and d1t02 to the analog TV sourced "Days Like This" on disc 1 and d2t02 between "One Irish Rover" and "Don't Worry About A thing" on disc 2 as smoothly as possible to make seamless transitions.

Except this merging work, i made absolutely no modification to the other tracks: why would someone change something when it's already perfect?

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Please TRADE FREELY on the lists. The flac files decode to the original remastered wav files. For preservation of quality, please share the same way.
Please always join this COMPLETE and UNEDITED info text file to the copies you will offer.


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